Learning Festival 屬靈自助餐

Dec 27-31, 2018 Edmonton, AB

Chinese Sessions

Debbie Wong

黃鄭嘉麗 (Debbie Wong) 出生於香港,1992 年隨家人移民到加拿大愛民頓城市居住。1999 年成為基督徒並於 2000 年受洗歸入基督,現在參加愛城華人宣道會。

Debbie 畢業於 University of Alberta with a bachelor degree in Nutritional Science. 在 2007, Debbie 在  Edmonton Capital Health 完成實習 並且成為註冊營養師。Debbie 熱愛服務成人及老年人,在教導病人關於幔性疾病,癌症,吞咽困難,中風,老人痴呆的飲食護理也很有經驗。而且,Debbie 也在癌症機構 Wellspring Edmonton 負責提供健康飲食示範。

在工作以外,Debbie 和丈夫 Philip 雖然很忙碌照顧兩個女兒 Yovella 和 Ivanna。但一家人也很喜歡出外觀賞大自然。此外,Debbie 也很喜歡唱歌,詩歌創作和種植室內盆栽。

English Sessions

Ella Doo

Ella and her husband attend Edmonton Christian Community Church, and have lived in Edmonton for over 10 years. She has been drawing and painting since a young age, but it wasn’t until recent years that she begin exploring how to give glory to God through this passion He has given her for art. You can find more of her artworks on her Instragram, @byelladoo.

Laurie Cheung

With more than 10 years combined experience in media relations, strategic communications, social media, branding and journalism, Laurie currently works as a marketing & communications professional in the public sphere. She sits on the Deacon Board at Edmonton Christian Community Church and has served in various ministries including Power to Change, The Mustard Seed, and Education, Medical Aid & Service.