Volunteer Opportunities 義工參與

Dec 27-31, 2019 Surrey, BC



In order to run a conference this size, we need many volunteers. This conference will need approximately 150–200 volunteers, serving a combined total of 1700 hours. Please consider supporting the winter conference ministry by serving as a volunteer.

Below is a list of various job descriptions. We highly encourage delegates to volunteer in one or more of the positions. Please consider how you can be an active participant. Volunteers will receive confirmation before conference in regarding to the position that serve in.

可知道要舉辦一個龐大的會議,我們需要很多義務工作者來幫忙及協助.這個會議需要約150-200個義工,服務 合共1700小時.寥寥可數的幾人,是沒可能完成此舉的.希望您考慮透過參與義工工作支持冬令會的事工。

大會鼓勵參加者,加入義工行列,請選擇一個或多個職位。 冬令會之前,義工將收到電郵確認工作職位。

List of all volunteer job positions

Small Group Leader 小組組長

Responsible for leading small group. Spend time with members of your group by sharing, praying and reflecting on the day’s messages-負責帶領小組團契, 與小組成員分享,祈禱及反思當日的訊息

When?: Bedtime

Prerequisite: Christian

– 條件需要:基督徒

Time Commitment: *4 nights x 2 hours = 8 hours.

– 時段:四晚二小時,共八小時

Number of volunteers needed: 2–3 leaders per group. Approximately 70 leaders needed. (One of the greatest needs).

– 需要義工人數:每組2-3名組長,約70名(這是其中一個最需要義工的項目)

Dorm Dean 舍監

Ensure delegates are going to bed at a reasonable time and are residing in their registered rooms 確保參加者於適當的時間,在其登記之房間內休息

– Ensure that there are no disturbances on the hotel floors 確保酒店樓層,保持肅靜,沒有滋擾

– Inform delegates when they may have broken any rules 幫助參加者留意破壞大會規則的可能

– Assist with role call in the event of an evacuation and emergency 在緊急疏散時,協助點名

Time Commitment: 3 nights x 3 hours = 9 hours 時段:三晚三小時,共九小時

Number of volunteers needed: 10 (2 per floor) 需要義工人數:每層二名,共10名

Main Talk Usher 早晚堂司事

Main Talk Usher (English Adults, Teens, Cantonese, Mandarin for Morning/Evening/Opening, Closing ceremony) 早晚堂司事(英語成人,青年,粵語,國語堂,開幕,閉幕典禮)

Job description:

– Assist conference speakers 協助大會講員

– Assist delegates to enter main talk areas safely and quickly 協助參加者安全及盡快地進入會場

– Help collect donations for CCCWC   協助冬令會募捐

Time Commitment: 6 talks   時段:六堂

Number of volunteers needed:  50  需要義工人數:50名

Workshop/Learning Festival Usher 工作坊/屬靈自助餐司事

Assist speaker 協助講員

– Help transport equipment from general office to workshop area 幫助從辦工室把設備運送到工作坊會場

Time Commitment:  6 x 1.5 hours = 9 hours  時段:六小次一時半,共九小時

Number of volunteers needed: 32 需要義工人數:32名

Prayer Room Facilitator 祈禱室主持人

– Help make announcements as to special prayer needs 協助公佈特別祈禱需要

– Read the prayer items listed on Power Point / overhead  讀出祈禱事項

– Tell people to split into small groups for prayer.   協助會眾分成祈禱小組

Time commitment: 2 X 1 hour 時段:二次一小時,共二小時

Number of volunteers needed: 4 需要義工人數:4名

First Aid Responder 醫護人員

Volunteers can include doctors, nurses, and other individuals who are certified in CPR AND first aid training. Help general office provide medical attention to delegates. Warn general office if a delegate needs to go to the hospital for further medical attention. Prescribe medication if needed. Should be licensed/certified to practice in Alberta – Time Commitment: variable shift hours – Number of volunteers needed: Min. 6

幫助大會對參加者提供快速醫療照顧; 如參加者需要到醫院就診,給大會提出有關建議; 需要時,可署葯方; 持有BC省執業牌照


Security 保安人員

Similar job descriptions to ushers and deans as you have overlapping roles.  工作內容與司事、舍監類似,保安人員會出現角色重疊

– Ensure delegates are following rules and regulations.  確保參加者遵守大會規則

– Report any concerns to general office. 向大會報告任何關注事項

– Provide some form of protection to delegates in the event of a disturbance, while demonstrating Christ-like love. 如有任何滋擾,提供參加者一些保護

– Should be physically fit.   需有健康身體

Time commitment: about half of the talks and nights  Two teams. Estimated: 10 hours. 時段:約主講的半場及晚上.兩隊,約十小時

Number of volunteers needed: 6  需要義工人數:6 名

Office Assistant 辦公室助理

Provide assistance to secretary and handle basic administrative task 協助大會秘書及處理基本的行政工作

Prepare Power Point announcements for main talks  預備主題講座的報告事項簡報

Answer questions and provide conference information to delegates  回答及提供有關冬令會的資訊給參加者

Time commitment: 1.5-2 hours per day 時段: 每日 一小時半至二小時

Number of volunteers needed: 5  需要義工人數:5 名

AV Team 影音組

Responsible for either the audio and/or video aspects throughout the conference. Duties include: Setting up rooms in order for the speakers to deliver their presentation.  Qualifications: basic knowledge of audio (connecting laptop audio to speaker) and video components (connecting laptops to projectors). Training on setup can be provided if required.

在整個會議期間,負責有關音響和/或視像方面的工作。 職責包括:設置工作坊會場的影音設備,以便講員分享信息。 資格:音響(將筆記本電腦連接到揚聲器)和視像組件(將筆記本電腦連接到投影器)的基本知識。 如有需要,可提供培訓。

Welcome Team 迎賓組

Responsible for welcoming delegates on the first day – answer any questions that delegates may have and direct to planning committee as needed. Help to direct traffic.

負責在大會首日歡迎參加者 – 回答參加者任何疑問,按需要上達籌委會。 並幫助指導交通。

Meal Usher 餐間司事

Responsible for ensuring delegates line up in an orderly fashion prior to meal times, collecting and counting meal tickets. Assist delegates who need help (seniors, families with young children, etc)

負責維持用餐時段的秩序,收集飯票、和㸃數飯票數目。 並協助有需要的參加者(如長者、有幼童的家庭等)

Children's Program Assistant 兒童節目助理

Spend time with the children’s team and help lead various activities, games, devo or crafts! Opportunities available for different comfort levels

與兒童節目團隊一同同工,幫助帶領各項活動、遊戲、靈修或手工! 可選擇適合個人能力的範疇事奉