English Teens Track Workshops

Dec 28, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm

T101 | Jaden Neufeld
Moving Towards Every Day


At the heart of worship is a desire to connect with the heart of our Father. Sadly, many of us (including myself) can sometimes see worship just as a moment created in a church service, not a lifestyle God wants to see developed in our everyday lives. One of God’s priorities as a highly relational God is that we would shorten the distance between each moment we spend connecting with Him and at His feet; that those moments would become more and more frequent. Our faith needs to occupy more space in our lives – we need to move from once in a while to everyday. Whether it’ll be your 1st step or your 100th step in this direction, join me in this workshop as we chat out this important, life-giving shift.

T102 | Jeremiah Modino
How to engage in meaningful conversation in a Post-Christian culture


Jesus’ name seems to be the topic of conversation lately, especially with Kanye West’s latest album, “Jesus is King.” How does this affect our culture, our churches – let alone our lives? Now, more than ever, are people actually curious about who Jesus is and just church in general, but it seems we don’t really know how to go about this new interest in church with the sudden drop of Ye’s new album. It is crucial that we understand and are able to have meaningful conversation with our friends and even strangers about who Jesus is and what the Gospel is in our Post-Christian culture. With biblical illiteracy at an all-time high in our generation, we need to be properly equipped. This workshop is all about understanding culture and as Jesus followers and specifically as young people, how to engage with people about all of this in a meaningful and loving way.  

Dec 29, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm

T201 | Dr. Winnie Chung
Mental health and the Church – Caring for our minds, souls, and each other


Mental health problems are more common than we may think. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image concerns, post-traumatic stress, self-harm, thoughts of suicide, addictions, and the list goes on. Living in our fallen bodies and minds in this fallen world, all of us suffer from imperfect mental health. Many, if not most or all of us, will experience mental or emotional distress, diagnosable or not. Even if we ourselves aren’t suffering from a mental health concern, we more than likely know someone who is. The aim of this workshop is to increase our understanding of mental health, drawing from God’s wisdom and revelation to us through His Word. We will be reminded of the truths and riches of the Gospel that are available to all, remembering that there is much hope, encouragement, and purpose for those who are battling mental health problems. We will discuss ways to manage mental health symptoms from a Biblical perspective, and offer practical tools for us to help and support those in our schools, churches, and communities who are struggling with mental health difficulties. The goal of this workshop is to point all of us back to the ultimate Source of healing and deliverance – Jesus himself.

T202 | Ryan Drennan
God, Gender and Sexual Orientation (Lecture and Q&R)


In such sensitive topics as sexual orientation and gender identity, the church has often struggled to fully understand and display love towards those who are wrestling with their faith and sexuality. How should the church respond to these issues, and, more importantly, what does love require of the church towards those of us who are struggling? In a culture where everyone is searching for meaning and identity, God has given us a map that leads to human flourishing rooted in his character. How do we understand our sexuality in relation to God? Is my identity found in my sexual orientation and gender? Does my body have any bearing on who I am as a person? Come find out this and more at this session’s lecture and Q&R.

Dec 30, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm

T301 | Eileen li
Spiritual Friendship for a Deeper Walk with Christ


Surveys show that the teens are the loneliest generation. Many go through a phase of finding their individual worth and trying to fit into a social circle but often times struggle to find who they are and to relate with others. Nowadays, our society and culture emphasizes a great deal on popularity, cliques, and peer pressure and fail to acknowledge what true friendship is. In this workshop will learn the value of friendships and explore what the real meaning of true spiritual friendship holds in the Bible.

T302 | Nathan Sun
Healthy Habits of Holy Living


A healthy sense of self-awareness is key to measuring growth and progress in our Christian lives. There are things we need to look at from a personal and a community standpoint that help gauge our current spiritual health, which may reveal what God is doing in our lives and where He is leading us next.