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English Main Talk Speaker

Vinh Doan

Lead Pastor
Village Church, Calgary


Laura (Vinh’s wife) was born and raised in Calgary but sadly, Vinh was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. How they ended up together was only by the grace of Jesus.

Vinh has been in ministry for nearly 20 years and has been serving in Canada for 6 of those years. However, most of Vinh’s life in Australia was spent in gangs, dealing and using heroin and eventually prison.  

The Doan’s have responded to Christ’s call to be on a journey to Church plant Village Church Calgary. It was not what they have preferred or wanted, but Jesus has made it clear that they are to reach out to Calgary where they are to make Him known and preach the Gospel.   Vinh attended a Baptist Seminary in Australia and completed his studies in 2009. Though that was hard as a young Christian, nothing is as hard as raising his two daughters, Grace and Aubrey.  

Vinh has a passion for preaching the Gospel, to making disciples and for the Word of God. On a side note, he does enjoy basketball, Liverpool FC, Seinfeld, The Office, LOTR and Books.

English Workshop Speakers

Keith Reed

Director of Church Relations
MB Seminary


Keith Reed is the Director of Church Relations for MB Seminary, which is the national seminary of the Mennonite Brethren Churches of Canada.

Keith was born and raised in Washington but came to Canada to study at Trinity Western University. His focus in Bible and theology during his master’s degree prepared him to serve as an associate pastor for eight years before he joined MB Seminary. Keith collaborates with leaders from churches, schools, and denominations to develop and deliver training material. He often teaches and preaches at churches, retreats, conferences, and ministry events.

Keith and his wife have two school-aged children and their family lives in Surrey, BC. Keith is a fan of sports, books, numbers, and board games. His latest hobby is trying to get his 1972 VW Beetle to run again.


Ryan Lui

Tenth Church, Vancouver


Ryan Lui helps people love who God made them to be, live fully devoted to Christ, and lead others to that same life of abundance. His life motto is to love your self, live your best, and lead from both.

He believes that everyone has a unique calling that when followed, results in fulfillment and fruitfulness. Ryan loves to talk about the connection between personality & spiritual growth, the significance of singleness and Gospel moments in film & television.

Ryan is a pastor at Tenth Church in Vancouver, B.C., an accredited Enneagram practitioner and the author of Being is Greater than Doing. He holds a BComm in Marketing, a MaTS in Applied Theology, and will be starting his DMin in Spiritual Formation and Leadership in September 2019. You can download his many free resources at ryanlui.com.


Andy Beh

Capstan Alliance Church, Richmond

Pastoral and Leadership Care


Andy currently serves as a pastor at Capstan Alliance Church and provides Pastoral and Leadership Care at Atesto, which is a platform to make Jesus known through the creative expression of worship.

At Capstan he provides leadership and pastoral care to the young adults and teens community. In his role he also facilitates life groups that meet together for spiritual formation and connects with people who are seeking to explore or grow in their faith. Andy believes that intimate conversations happens in small group settings, so he is always up to meet up for coffee, bubble tea, or a meal.

Andy grew up in the neighbouring prairie city of Calgary who is home to the Calgary Flames and the world famous Calgary Stampede.

In Vancouver, Andy met and married a beautiful woman named Jennifer who gladly took on his interesting yet mysterious last name “Beh”. Together they are aiming to steer their lives towards the beauty of Christ. The Behs’ love movies, food, and music; they also enjoy sharing God’s love and hospitality—so feel free to stop by their home any time. Lastly, They love to explore new ideas and cultures so they spend most if not all of their vacation time travelling to various parts of the globe.


Emma Choo

Social Media Influencer

North Shore Pacific Grace MB Church, North Vancouver


Emma is the face behind Vancouver’s #1 Food Instagram, @vancouverfoodie with over 60,000+ followers. She has a passion to see people enter into the joy that God has for them and uses her gifts of visuals, entertainment and love of food to do just that. This past year, she also started her journey as an Online Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) leader. Emma has a BA in Sociology and Law and Society from the University of British Columbia (UBC). During her time at UBC, she was an avid member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF). Emma is born and raised in Vancouver and has grown up in her home church, North Shore Pacific Grace MB Church ever since she was 16 months old. She is currently serving there as worship leader!


Dawn Humphreys

Lead Pastor
Strathcona Vineyard Church, Vancouver


Dawn helped plant Strathcona Vineyard Church almost 15 years ago and has served as lead pastor for the past 12 years. Strathcona Vineyard is a small, vibrant, multi-ethnic, mixed socio-economic congregation in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown eastside, Canada’s poorest urban postcode. She was also on the founding team for Jacob’s Well, a relationally focused ministry in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, and subsequently on staff for 11 years until 2012.

Prior to her life in Vancouver, Dawn spent 8 wonderful years living in various parts of South East Asia with St Stephen’s Society, a community amongst the poor based in Hong Kong.

Originally from Liverpool England, her other passions are Liverpool Football Club (soccer to North Americans!), cooking for friends, swimming, hiking, camping and reading.

Dawn brings a vital challenge and encouragement to the Church regarding current paradigms of ministry and the empowerment of people on societies margins.


Festival of Learning Speakers

James Chia


James, who moved to Vancouver in 2002 from Sydney, Australia, also brought over his nickname “Jimmy”, given to him by his mates at Chinese Presbyterian Church (Sydney). Since then, he’s attended Lord’s Love Church in Vancouver, serving in various capacities – leading Praise & Worship, drumming, alpha and small group leading.

His passion, in line with his career in Radiography, is to do with health care. He joined Crossfit for a year before he got married to Frances in 2013, and ever since, has been training clients and holding online fitness groups.

He has 2 kids, Naomi (4.5) and Eli (2), who often test his fitness limits, along with his ability to function with sleep deprivation.

Festival of Learning

Thomas Chui


Tom Chui was born in Hong Kong but moved when he was ten and was raised in Vancouver. He did not grow up in a Christian home but found Christ through Alpha when he was 24. He is a graduate of UBC with a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. He obtained his professional designation in engineering but has since stepped away from the field to pursue a career in home renovation. Tom is married to his lovely wife Betsy for four years and has a two year old son Micah as well as a five year old fluffy loveable dog named Toby. He enjoys doing all things outdoors including ultimate frisbee, dragonboating, basketball, snowboarding, cycling and discovering new trails with his dog. Tom serves passionately at his home church, Tenth Avenue Church where he has been a part of the Connection Team, Alpha, Mission Leadership Board, Small Group, choir and the Cambodia Mission Team. Tom strives to draw closer to Jesus everyday by living out his mission statement: To humbly follow Christ’s footsteps by mercifully loving others whilst standing firmly against injustice.

Festival of Learning

Winnie Chung

Dr. Winnie Chung

Registered Psychologist


Dr. Winnie Chung was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada with her family in her elementary school years. She committed her life to Christ as an early adolescent, and has been seeking to follow and pursue Him ever since. Dr. Chung graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA in Psychology, and later earned her MA and PhD in Psychology from The Ohio State University. Dr. Chung is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia, and focuses her work in supporting the psychological well-being of children and youth experiencing medical concerns and diverse mental health difficulties. Dr. Chung is passionate about serving those with mental health struggles with the hope, comfort, peace, and encouragement that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. She is a co-author of Overwhelmed Again, a devotional written to encourage those experiencing mental health concerns. Outside of work, she loves serving in worship and music ministries, connecting with friends and families over meals or treats, and enjoying and marveling at God’s majestic hand in creating British Columbia!


Kimberley Lam

Youth Pastor
Burnaby Alliance Church


Kimberley Lam has the privilege and honour of being born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. She moved to Edmonton for her undergraduate studies where she received a Bachelor of Commerce. All within the same month in 2012, Kim received both a call to ministry and a new boyfriend, Sing Yue Lam, whom she will later marry in 2015. Although Sing Yue excels at being tall, speaking Chinese, and playing basketball, it was ultimately his generous love for people and his integrity which won her over. Shortly after getting married, the two moved to Calgary where Kim studied at Ambrose University to receive her Masters of Divinity.

In October 2017, God called the both of them to move to British Columbia where she began her tenure as the youth pastor at Burnaby Alliance Church. Throughout these last few years, God has grown Kim’s passion in facilitating spaces for people to come to know and experience the steadfast, sin-forgiving, freedom-giving, and healing love of Christ. Out of His grace, He has revealed to her and allowed her to experience the true power of prayer.

While Jesus and Sing Yue are Kim’s biggest passions, Kim’s other interests are the Office, trying new ethnic foods, playing video games, books, intentional conversations, escape rooms, coffee and craft beer, playing with her cousins and nephews, watching movies, trolling people, and crosswords.

Festival of Learning

Damon Mak

Senior Manager, Major Incident Problem Management – Allscripts

Director of Communications – Institute for Marketplace Transformation


Damon is a technologist in health care with a Master of Divinity from Regent College.  His vision is for all women and men to be equipped and empowered for the work in the Kingdom.  He is passionate about  helping others develop a deep spiritual life in Christ and to see them thrive in purposed co-creative work: To Elevate People and their Work.  You can connect with him on Instagram: @dmakdamon or LinkedIn

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