Volunteer 義工

In order to run a conference this size, we need many volunteers. This conference will need approximately 150–200 volunteers, serving a combined total of 1700 hours. Please consider supporting the winter conference ministry by serving as a volunteer.
可知道要舉辦一個龐大的會議,我們需要很多義務工作者來幫忙及協助.這個會議需要約150-200個義工,服務 合共1700小時.寥寥可數的幾人,是沒可能完成此舉的.希望您考慮透過參與義工工作支持冬令會的事工。

Volunteer Job Positions & Descriptions

Below is a list of various job descriptions. We highly encourage delegates to volunteer in one or more of the positions. Please consider how you can be an active participant. Volunteers will receive confirmation before conference in regarding to the position that serve in.
大會鼓勵參加者,加入義工行列,請選擇一個或多個職位。 冬令會之前,義工將收到電郵確認工作職位。