E-transfer Instructions 

We are accepting e-transfers! 我們現在接受電子轉帳!

Simply email your payment to

  1. When you create your e-transfer from your online bank account, you will need to generate a question. Please use this as your security question: What is the password you provided? 
    當您從網上銀行帳戶設立電子轉帳時,您需要設定一個驗證的安全問題。 請用此作您的安全問題:您提供的密碼是什麼?
  2. Your security response is the 6 alphanumeric password code that would have appeared on your payment page. 
  3. Once our team receives your E-transfer notice, they will use the same password you provided to retrieve funds. 
  4. Please enter your WCDID in the notes section when you create the question. If you want to pay for more than one delegate, please list all WCDID numbers for whom you will be paying for. 
    在設定安全問題時,請在備註一欄輸入您的WCDID。 如果您想為多個參加者支付費用,請列明您將支付的所有WCDID號碼。