Cost Structure & Promotions 不同收費

Dec 27-31, 2018 Edmonton, AB

Registration Cost


Pass Structure 通行證

1. Full Time Pass 全時間 is now CLOSED. Please register as a week pass to attend conference.

Full time delegates will be entitled to 4 nights of accommodation, 12 meals and access to all main talks and workshops.
Meals allocations are as follows


  •   Dec 27 – dinner                    十二月二十七日   之晚餐
  •   Dec 28 – three meals             十二月二十八日   之早、午、晚餐
  •   Dec 29 – three meals             十二月二十九日   之早、午、晚餐
  •   Dec 30 – three meals             十二月三十日      之早、午、晚餐
  •   Dec 31 – breakfast and lunch  十二月三十一日  之早餐及午餐

The vast majority of the rooms will accommodate 4 people. Dual occupancy will be $50 on top of quad occupancy price. Single occupancy is available at an extra cost of $200.

大部份房間為四人房。夫婦及講員將獲優先分配獨立房間。 雙人房間額外加$50. 單人房間額外付$200. 全時間參加者有名額限制。額滿後,參加者可選擇購買部份時段票或早/晚堂票。


2. Week Pass 一週通行證

Conference ONLY. Week pass delegates are not entitled to any meals or accommodation but will have access to opening/closing ceremony, all main talks and all workshops.

Week Pass Group Discount 一週通行證集體優惠

Week Pass Discount 每週通行證優惠
1. Leader + 10 delegates. Leader is complimentary, members get $25
discount each
Must meeting the following criteria to receive the discount:
1. Please register on winter conference website individually
2. Group captain emails group list 10 names and WCDID to
3. All delegates must be registered and paid in full and registered by Nov 15th ($25 will be
refunded by cheque during the conference)
所有參加者必須在11月15日前註冊及繳付所有費用, $25將會在冬令會中以支票形式退回給參加者)
4. WEEK PASS delegates ONLY.
5. Adult only (Age 12 & above)
只限於成人 (12歲以上)


3. Evening Talk Pass 晚堂票

Evening Talk pass delegates will have access to 4 main evening talks.



4. Day Pass 全日票

Day One Dec 28 十二月二十八日 – $50.00

Day Two Dec 29 十二月二十九日 – $50.00

Day Pass Dec 30 + Opening Ceremonies + Closing Ceremonies (十二月三十日 + 開幕禮、閉幕禮) – $50.00

5. Friday Night Dec 28 evening – FREE entry with online registration. Click here to register. 

12月28日(週五晚堂)免費入場 –必須網上提前報名 請按這裡報名