FAQ 常見問題

Dec 27-31, 2019 Surrey, BC

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I drive the car to conference, where should I park? 如果我開車,車停在哪裏?

The Westin Hotel Heated underground parking avaiable on a first come, first serve basis. Overflow parking is available outside directly behind the hotel. Self Parking ($30.00 per day), Valet Parking ($41.00 per day), Short Term Valet Parking($31.00 for 4 hours or less) Edmonton Downtown Library parking daily rate during conference is $10.75/vehicle/day

有暖氣地下停車場,先到先得。 酒店外面設有地面停車場。 自助泊車(每天$ 30.00),代客停車(每天$ 41.00),短期代客泊車($ 31.00為4小時或以下)。在冬令會期間,愛民噸市中心圖書館提供優惠泊車,每日每車輛為 $10.75 Additional parking information 更多泊車詳情

2. Can I park my car at the front entrance to unload my luggage before I went to the parkade? 可以先下行李再停車嗎?

Please park your car in the parkade first, do your registration and unload your luggage later directly to the hotel room after you get your room keys.


3. I signed up to be a volunteer, now what? 我已登記成為義工,然後呢?

You will receive a confirmation email with some general information in regards to your volunteering.


4. I am a Week Pass Delegate, where do I get meals? 如果我只參加 Week Pass,可以到哪兒買飯?

Week pass delegates do not receive any meals at the conference-there are some restaurants across the hotel. Holiday hours may be in effect. Week pass


5. What if I miss the designated registration time? What do I do? 如果我錯過了登記時間,怎麼辦?

Please proceed to the office.


6. How do I register? 怎樣報名註冊?

Registration will be completed online.Online registration forms are available at on the registration site, paper registration forms are also available upon request (note that payment and relevant forms (e.g. waiver form and/or guardian form) must be submitted along with completed paper registration form)

In order to confirm your registration, the 58th CCCWC planning committee must receive your cheque within 14 days of registration. Your registration will be removed if we did not receive by then. Please make cheque payable to 58CCCWC and mail to 6508 31 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6L 6P7



為了確認您的註冊,第58屆CCCWC註冊部必須在註冊後14天內收到您的支票。如果我們屆時仍未收到付款,您的註冊將被刪除及作廢。支票抬頭請寫58CCCWC支票郵寄到6508 31 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6L 6P7

7. Is paper registration available? 除了網上報名還有其他選擇嗎?

Online registration is preferred, but there is also the option of paper registration.

1. Paper registration forms can be downloaded under the 'Forms 表格' tab of the website or from your local representative.

2. Please mail completed paper registration form along with payment and waiver form and/or guardian form) to the following address:

58th CCCWC,

6508 31 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6L 6P7

採用網上報名,最為理想,但也可郵寄註冊表。 1.表格可在網站的“Forms 表格”下載。2.請連同支票及免責書及/或監護人同意書郵寄到以下地址:

58th CCCWC,

6508 31 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6L 6P7

8. My family is registering for winter conference. Do we have to register separately? 每一個家庭成員都要個別報名嗎?

Each family member requires to submit individual registration form so each person can be assigned with a unique WCCID. However, families can send in one cheque for all of their fees combined.



9. What is the Refund Policy? 退款政策

A $50 administration charge will be deducted from the refunded amount in all situations. Full refund will only be allowed if participant email cccwc.registrar@gmail.com before the end of early bird deadline (Sep 30 2018) , half before the end of regular (October 31, 2018). After October 31, 2018, no refund will be allowed regardless of participation . Week Pass and Evening Pass will not be eligible for refund.

在所有情況下退款將從金額扣除$ 50行政費。如果參與者在清晨鳥期限(二〇一八年九月三十日)之前,電郵 cccwc.registrar@gmail.com,費用將扣除$50行政費之後全額退還 ,二〇一八年十月卅一日之前,費用將扣除$50行政費之後半數退還。 10月31日之後,將不獲退款。部分時段票及晚堂票沒有退款服務。

10. What is the eligibility of discounted registration fees??需要什麽資格才有折扣優惠?

The eligibility of discounted registration fee (e.g. meeting deadline for early bird) is determined by the postage stamp date of the payment fee. Discounts for registration will not be valid if they are not paid by the deadline.


11. What passes are available? 有什麽門票可以選擇?

There are several options in terms of conference passes. The following are the available options:門票選擇有:

a. Full time pass 全時間

b. Day pass 單日門票

c. Evening pass 單日晚票

d. Child pass (under 12 by Dec 26th 2018) 小童票 (2018年12月26日以前12歲以下)

f. Free entry (child under age 6 by Dec 26th 2018) 2018年12月26日以前6歲以下兒童免費

For more details please see Cost Structure Page under Registration. 詳細資料請看 Cost Structure Page under Registration.


12. How do I know my registration is complete? 如何才知道我註冊成功

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to delegate once registration is submitted


13. How does roommate request work? 如何要求與某人同房?

On the registration form, you can enter up to 3 names for roommate request.  (This is optional).  Family members (3-4) can register to lodge in the same room. Unmarried individuals will be assigned rooms based on gender, age, and roommate request, based on room availability. Only same gender participants will be allowed to stay in the same room, with the exception of family members, married couples, and individuals with special needs. Participants who wish to occupy one room with two people (instead of 4 people) will each have to add 50 dollars on top of their registration fee. Note, this is based on a first come first serve basis. Ultimately, priority for single rooms is given to speakers.

在註冊表格,您可以輸入最多3名室友的要求。 (這是可選的)。家庭成員(3-4)可以註冊在同一個房間。未婚的人將被分配根據性別,年齡,和室友要求的房間,根據房間的供應及需求。只有同性參加者將被允許留在同一個房間,除了家人,已婚夫婦和有特殊需要的人士。如果想要2人一間房間,每人需要加$ 50。請注意,所要要求基於先到先得的基礎。單人房間優先配給講員。

14. Can we change rooms? 我可否轉換房間?

The registrar and helpers will do their best to assign rooms based on needs and requests.  However, once rooms are assigned, unless there are exceptional reasons why changes to rooms are needed, there are to be no room changes.  Any requests must be made PRIOR to the start of conference.  Once conference starts, delegates must not change their rooms due to safety reasons.  (In the event of an emergency or an urgent need to contact you, we must be able to locate you at any given time). The Registrar has the final say on rooming.  Delegates are expected to comply to these regulations.  To contact us regarding rooming issues, please e-mail: cccwc.registrar@gmail.com

註冊部會盡力迎合各人對房間分配的需要與要求。但房間經分配後,除非有特殊情況出現,否則參加者不可自行轉換房間。轉房要求必須在令會開始前向註冊部提出。 令會開始後,為安全理由(如因緊急事件,大會需要聯絡房內參加者,或作緊急疏散,酒店及大會需要與各參加者隨時接觸),參加者不可自行轉換房間。對於房間分配,註冊部有最終決定權。如有問題,請電郵至:cccwc.registrar@gmail.com

15. Can we have a room with only two people?(My spouse and I, or my same gender friend)雙人房?

Delegates who wish to occupy one room with two people (instead of 4 people) will each have to pay $50 extra on top of their registration fee.

如果想要2人一間房間,每人需要加$ 50

16. I registered online already. How do I hand in a completed waiver form? 我已經在網上報名,我可以怎樣遞交已完成的免責書給註冊部?

Providing a signed waiver form is necessary, it provides a legal documentation indicating your agreement to comply to conference regulations and your agreement accept personal liability and responsibilities, and to waive certain rights including the right to sue in the event that you should suffer any form of injury and harm. Please follow the instructions on the registration website. There will be a popup explaining procedures.

向大會提供已簽署的免責書是必要的,已簽署的免責書具法律效力,表示報名者願意順從大會規則,及為其人身與財物安全負責,並且免除大會對於各人所可能承受的損害的法律責任。請到網頁的表格下載區下載免責書(waiver form)。

你可以將已簽署的免責書交給在你教會內的代表,或是在你的城市內的區代表,你也可將免責書郵寄到以下的地址6508 31 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6L 6P7

17. Do I have to volunteer? 我必須在冬令會中事奉嗎?

Volunteering is not mandatory.  However, to run a conference this size, we need hundreds of volunteers serving a total of hundreds of volunteer hours.  A few people alone can not run this conference.  If everyone participates and serves in some way, it will make everyone’s experience much more enjoyable and beneficial.  Please go through the volunteer list and select a volunteer position(s) when you register.


18. What about transportation to and from the conference? 交通安排

Delegates are responsible for their own transportation.  The conference does not officially organize transportation.  However, you may contact the local representatives in your region to see what collective transportation is being organized separate from the conference.  Some delegates and/or local representatives will be organizing group transportation by bus.  The conference, planning committee, board of directors, and all helpers are not responsible for any injury or damages that may occur through these group organized transportation.


Transportation Subsidy: Deadline by Nov 15, 2018  for PAID delegates only

This is for FULL TIME Delegates from out of Alberta province. Please contact us for more information at cccwc.registrar@gmail.com. Please fill out the Transportation Subsidy Form. We have on in English and Chinese. The subsidy amount is $80 for first 120 fully paid delegates. 交通補貼:在2018年11月15日前,頭120名已付全數并于亞省外的全時間參加者可獲交通補貼。請填寫交通補貼表格。詳情咨詢可電郵到 cccwc.registrar@gmail.com

19. Without subsidy from the CCCWC, where can I find subsidy to attend the conference? 沒有了冬令會的津貼,我可以在那裏申請用作參加冬令會的費用津貼?

Some churches usually set aside an amount of money for their church members to attend conference, please inquire the pastor or counsel from your church according to this.

We also have a subsidy you can fill out. Please fill out the general subsidy form under our "Subsidies" tab to see if a subsidy is available. We have the forms in English and Chinese.


20. What is the waiver form? And where do I find it? 免責書是什麽?在哪裡可以找到?

Waiver form: Providing a signed waiver form is necessary, it provides a legal documentation indicating your agreement to comply to conference regulations and your agreement accept personal liability and responsibilities, and to waive certain rights including the right to sue in the event that you should suffer any form of injury and harm.

Please download the waiver form in the Forms section in the website. Delegate can submit signed waiver form to the church representative in your church, or the local representatives in your region.



21. I am 15 years old; must I have a guardian in order to attend the conference? 我只有十五歲。一定要有監護人才能出席冬令會嗎?

All minors who are under the age of 18 prior to Dec 27, 2016 must have a guardian present during the conference.  The guardian attending the conference must be over the age of 25 and can only be responsible for a maximum of 8 minors (including their own child/children).  These guidelines are in place in order to ensure that there is an adequate number of adult supervision for minors attending the conference.


22. New workshops have been made available. How do I change workshops? 新的研習班已被更新,我如何可以更改我已註冊了的研習班?

Workshop tickets are required in order to attend registered workshops.  If delegate wish to attend other workshops that he/she did not register for prior to the conference , he/she have the option to go to the (swap station) and switch workshop tickets with another delegate. If you have further questions, please e-mail the registrar at cccwc.registrar@gmail.com


Deadline for Online Workshop Changes: Nov 15, 2018

如果你已註冊,但又想更改你已報讀的研習班,請使用網站的“Contact Us 聯絡我們”與註冊部聯絡。限期是 2018年11月15日。

23. Why are there limits to the number of people who can register for workshops? 為何研習班有人數上限?

These restrictions are primarily due to restrictions in room sizes and fire code regulations.  Workshop registration is on a first come first serve basis.


24. Not all the workshops are listed when I register, can I change it later? 在我註冊時,不是所有的講座都已列出,我可以在註冊後更改嗎?

You can change the workshop selection anytime as long as seats available before November 15, 2018.

If the workshop is full, no selection will be available. However, once you selected and submitted your choice, your original reserved seat will be released.


25. What do I do if theres a fire? 遇到火警的時候這麼辦?

In case of fire, you will be directed to specific muster points depending on your location at the time of the fire alarm. You will be provided with instructions and will be directed. If you are in the guestrooms, please do not use the elevator, please use the stairwell.


26. How often does housekeeping occur? 房間整理服務

Housekeeping is everyday.


27. I am not a full time delegate, can I buy a meal package from the hotel? 我不是全時間參加者,可以享用酒店的早午晚餐嗎?

Breakfast - $18 per person/Lunch - $26 per person/Dinner - $34.10 per person. The restaurant will offer the following for lunch and dinner(dine-in only) beginning at 11am: Veggie Noodle bowl or stirfry $8.00

Chicken noodle bowl or stirfry $10.00 (* Price does not include service charge (19%) or GST (5%)). Billing must be handled through registrar prior to arrival, we will not accept payment onsite. For more details, please email registrar@cccwc.ca 早餐 - $18/人;午餐 - $26/人;晚餐 - $34.10/人; 酒店還提供堂食午餐和晚餐. Chicken noodle bowl or stirfry $10.00/份; Veggie Noodle bowl or stirfry $8.00/份 (以上價錢不包含服務費(19%)或 GST (5%)).必須通過冬令會提前購買餐券。詳情請電郵registrar@cccwc.ca

If you cannot find an answer to your questions, please Contact Us.